About me

  My Name is Daniel Beaulieu and I have been a game artist for the last fourteen years.

    I grew up in British Columbia Canada and have spent the majority of my career down in Austin TX.

     From an early age I was drawing ,painting or making some random thing out of cardboard and tape so art has always been a big part of my life.  

There were a few different jobs after high school but it became clear that to truly be happy I needed a career in art. I took some animation classes at the local college and even though animator wasn't my goal  it gave me an opportunity to model and texture which was super rewarding .

   A couple years after college I really focused on breaking into the gaming industry and after a few contract gigs took a job with a small start up in California.


career timeline


  Several years into my career it seemed that to be fulfilled as an artist I need to create art for myself and for work After that realization I made a point to always be doing something  creative with my free time and now my professional and personal work are more rewarding and constantly elevate one another .

I have set up several galleries and divided them between Professional and personal  .Both sections are different but equally important .


Please have a look  and thank you for checking out my art !

Art Galleries

*Each Category contains multiple galleries