I have loved ninja turtles since for ever and I haven't drawn any in a while so I was over due to make some TMNT fan art!My first ever black and white ninja turtle comic was issue 10 and it gave me a very new appreciation for what comics could be .I bought many issues after and  read those comics ragged .

Here is  the first thumb i did .looks like hes sort of coming out of a door which i ditched but the pose was working for me .

This is me drilling down to the final Composition .If i haven't said it already tracing stuff like this out on a light box has been a life saver!

i removed the teeth because he is a turtle but then he looked old! teeth it is :)

my final Line work .I didn't ink it just cleaned up the pencils in Photoshop. It could probably be cleaner but part of me likes the more organic bits .

First pass color rough in