Brick Tank WIP

Personal Project .

The white Knights of Mars ! Join today!!!

I really just wanted  to do a semi futuristic Mega tank nicknamed "The Brick Tank "so here's the first roughs .I did a lot of figuring out on this one to the point that i could see through the paper:)
  you can see that I explored little bits off  to the sides knowing that i would be retracing it all after .

  I inked the original but kinda didn't like how it looked .the lines were too fat and kind of killed some of the energy soooo.....

*note the giant cat hair 

I light boxed over the inks !I left it as pencils and just cleaned it up in Photoshop .it gave me the chance to fix a few things .Some of its pretty organic but i like that.

This a rough color /value pass .this could change quite a bit once i dig into it .

FOW Sherman Tank w/custom base WIP

bought this little tank a while ago and I am kind of on a painting kick right now so im going through my old bin of projects and finishing  some stuff up.On one hand its fun just to do and on another its nice to finish up things you have had sitting around for years.

Flames Of War 1/100 scale(15mm) Sherman tank

Started with a small piece of wood and in pencil just traced out the general lay out of things.

In Photoshop i created a quick store front to print out and glue to a card then cut out the  separate layers of card creating a 3D building face.the brick base was made of Sculpey and i filled in the back of the building with Celluclay a wet paper clay that dries light and strong and is great for filling in spaces .I then smoothed out the seams with a 2 part putty and sanded it .

I baked the wood and the Sculpey bricks together but attached the building piece after .I'm pretty sure Celluclay and 2 part putty is not good to have in the oven .

After priming it with grey spray primer paint  i did a burnt sienna  acrylic base coat .

Sherman tank in the land of chocolate!

First pass paint on the base using hobby acrylics

Sherman tank paint pass  and a second pass of ware on the base 

 Some details.Its hard to tell but i shrank the window and the door by adding a paint boarder around the edges.It helped the scale of it over all.


 A penny for scale. 

the life Cycle of a Crab ank

I drew a Crab tank the other day and Paul Richards added to the idea so i decided to sketch out what that might look like.
  1. small Pupa tanks are issued to young boys and girls when they join the fighting core at which point they begin to bond and learn together .
  2. Later they migrate to the young tank cycle where the teens then fill a scout and Currier roll as they finish out there schooling.
  3. This is the biggest first step into maturity both the for single occupant and  the  Growing Crab tank.
  4. As the Crab tank enters Full maturity it begins to take on unique attributes making each one diffident from the next .A custom Ceramic outer shell is crafted to fit the ever evolving Crab tanks body some times to fill a roll and sometimes just to enhance its natural strengths