Red Wind skyport

   Saw a great concept artist Sparth playing with a curious little painting program called hexels by Hex-Ray Studios. thought I would pick it up and try it out as it seemed to hit a sort of pixel art style that i like .What started out as a village and a waterfall grew quite a bit and i spent a few too many hours on this but it was a fun exercise .Sort of felt like building in minecraft once i got the hang of it .

   This is a skyport located at the edge of the sprawling red wind plateau.its a vital conduit for the farms of the plains people and link to the sprawling empire cities to the east .

Transport ship Concept

well im calling it done.This was a massive lesson in perspective and establishing it early so you dont spend the entire time putting band-aids on everything ! takes a lot longer and i think ultimately ended up with something over rendered .With that said if success is measure in things learned then this was a success .thanks for all who contributed feed back in the process!

some raw sketchbook pages

so freeing to just to just let it flow !

     Some pages from my new sketch pad which is already in rough is glued at the top and as i flip the pages they crease and become unglued as i go so i started taping then I'm as i worked .about 5 pages in the top starts to get all weird so that's not working .Some one in our sketch group (Jordan) suggested using one of those metal clip thing's and I'm not sure if he meant it the way I'm using it now but its working .the cover is ripped off and held on by the clip as are the loose pages and when i work i just clip the cover to the back and go to it .Savage:)

 a ship i pulled out of my doodles that im in the process of painting up 

Speed painting."Marooned"

hour and a half? we started doing themed speed paintings at work and its a total blast!its nice to pull the art cork out of my ass and just try and get an idea across.

 this is another "speed painting " i did last week that was anything but .spent hours and hours and got totally bogged down in noodling.gah.Some little parts of it i am OK with and  I did learn a few things and make some decent brushes  but i think there's alot that got lost in this. oh well on to the next.

StarJack Star-fighter Process Wip

Heres the steps on the Starjack varients.

  • Do your initial Sketch 
  • Scan in the drawing and remember the settings for some later steps.That or just don't change them;)
  • Impose some rough Geo using a 3d program.This was just ment to be a guide for me seeing as im still struggling with perspective.the nice part is theres nothing "true" about the Geo placement i just rotated the shapes until they looked right. I wouldn't necessarily do this step every time.
  • Now print out your images.The important step was to print the image on the page and let it do it at its native resolution which should be 1:1 with the original .
  • Draw all the crazy stuff you want to add!!Weeeeee!!!
  • Scan the new drawings in using the original scanner settings .because the image is 1:1 you can copy paste the new detail drawings over your original in Photoshop.Line them up .
  • erase the crappy parts of the new Drawing revealing the original underneath.
  • Done!