space port

Red Wind skyport

   Saw a great concept artist Sparth playing with a curious little painting program called hexels by Hex-Ray Studios. thought I would pick it up and try it out as it seemed to hit a sort of pixel art style that i like .What started out as a village and a waterfall grew quite a bit and i spent a few too many hours on this but it was a fun exercise .Sort of felt like building in minecraft once i got the hang of it .

   This is a skyport located at the edge of the sprawling red wind plateau.its a vital conduit for the farms of the plains people and link to the sprawling empire cities to the east .

Transport ship Concept

well im calling it done.This was a massive lesson in perspective and establishing it early so you dont spend the entire time putting band-aids on everything ! takes a lot longer and i think ultimately ended up with something over rendered .With that said if success is measure in things learned then this was a success .thanks for all who contributed feed back in the process!