I have loved ninja turtles since for ever and I haven't drawn any in a while so I was over due to make some TMNT fan art!My first ever black and white ninja turtle comic was issue 10 and it gave me a very new appreciation for what comics could be .I bought many issues after and  read those comics ragged .

Here is  the first thumb i did .looks like hes sort of coming out of a door which i ditched but the pose was working for me .

This is me drilling down to the final Composition .If i haven't said it already tracing stuff like this out on a light box has been a life saver!

i removed the teeth because he is a turtle but then he looked old! teeth it is :)

my final Line work .I didn't ink it just cleaned up the pencils in Photoshop. It could probably be cleaner but part of me likes the more organic bits .

First pass color rough in 

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 1

the view from our Deck in Florence .We had a small court yard sort of thing that was totally enclosed that was sort of cool and shady .awesome for relaxing but not so awesome for drying clothes on our metal rack .Travel note :no one has Dryers in Italy! for reals. Only George Clooney and Laundromats and the rich .

random robot i think influenced by the Juan Gimenez book i picked up

Tattoo rough for my Suga.

so yeah like the title implies this is a rough idea for a tattoo .this will be to honor my Fiances past beloved pook dog in a Alphonse Mucha style doesn't take long while emulating his work that you realize the Genius at play with each of his pieces.After putting this loose image together i will be definitely taking advantage of our current age of computers and doing each element separately then scanning then combining then and redrawing the final all as one .should be interesting

quick notes:
-the flowers (weeds) at the bottom will become poppies

-the details in the ring will be stars and moons