Tatatata tuh tiger face!!!

     This is a rough idea from my sketch book that i inked in .Im using it to make a stencil that will go on another project .i think that's another post all together .Its funny at times what looks fine roughed in gets inked and looks very skewed . I don't think it takes away from the piece but a good reminder to measure twice early and get the proportion right then lock things down.

    So I'm throwing together my portfolio Just because and i cant help but see massive gaps in it .I realized not to long ago i wanted to move my career in the direction of concepting and illustration and looking through my work I'm finding this to be extremely unrepresented .I mean I of all people should know what work I've done but i almost find this shocking .Between side projects doing things at work  trying to upgrade my skill set with z-brush dabbling in traditional media  I'm not giving myself a chance to focus on the thing i really want .

      I do thrive on doing random projects so i realized i cant simply ditch all that and honestly i don't think i could if i wanted to .Just like the rest of the things in my life I have to prioritize .do x amount of concept pieces and then make the mushroom monkey sculpture for example .I'm also trying to get rough pages together for my comic book which is also not materializing as fast as i would like so that needs to fit in there as well .

    The reality of refocusing your career is that your not likely to get the time you need at work or the assignments you need to create the pieces needed to expand your body of work .Honestly its not fair or realistic to put this on your Job and doing so will ultimately stall you out and make you resent your job.  It really boils down to your own time management and getting things done outside of work .

     Not beating myself up but its interesting when you get a chance to take a step back and assess the scope of who you are and what your doing and see if it matches up with whats in your head . Neil Gaiman used the example of a mountain as your goal and you can go to the left and the right to some degree but you have to make sure each thing you do adds up to you getting closer to the top of that mountain .

   I guess it will always be a struggle back and forth when you do something for a living that is your work and your play.

    I am going to try a self experiment . I am going to brain storm some portfolio ideas and put them on blank sheets and insert them into my portfolio and then fill them in .I think it will be motivating  and fun.

some raw sketchbook pages

so freeing to just to just let it flow !

     Some pages from my new sketch pad which is already in rough is glued at the top and as i flip the pages they crease and become unglued as i go so i started taping then I'm as i worked .about 5 pages in the top starts to get all weird so that's not working .Some one in our sketch group (Jordan) suggested using one of those metal clip thing's and I'm not sure if he meant it the way I'm using it now but its working .the cover is ripped off and held on by the clip as are the loose pages and when i work i just clip the cover to the back and go to it .Savage:)

 a ship i pulled out of my doodles that im in the process of painting up 

StarJack Star-fighter Process Wip

Heres the steps on the Starjack varients.

  • Do your initial Sketch 
  • Scan in the drawing and remember the settings for some later steps.That or just don't change them;)
  • Impose some rough Geo using a 3d program.This was just ment to be a guide for me seeing as im still struggling with perspective.the nice part is theres nothing "true" about the Geo placement i just rotated the shapes until they looked right. I wouldn't necessarily do this step every time.
  • Now print out your images.The important step was to print the image on the page and let it do it at its native resolution which should be 1:1 with the original .
  • Draw all the crazy stuff you want to add!!Weeeeee!!!
  • Scan the new drawings in using the original scanner settings .because the image is 1:1 you can copy paste the new detail drawings over your original in Photoshop.Line them up .
  • erase the crappy parts of the new Drawing revealing the original underneath.
  • Done!