WW 2 fighter plane engine studies

I was Doing some plane concepts the other day and realized i kept falling back on certain things .A hinge works like this .A vent looks like this. A pipe attaches like this.I was finding it wasn't looking very convincing to me and it didn't give me allot of variety to" jam" with in whence to  kick forth.

 My idea at that point was to try and add to my Brain library .I gather up a heap of reference and just redraw what was there in front of me .I found  the shapes can look like a big mess but allot of the times your forcing your brain to conjugate what your looking at which  was pretty cool .The more you understand how something works the better you can twist it and still have it look good. The vocabulary of an engine tends to be intake /exhaust /thrust and if you can describe these in a new way  or  specify  how it works better in your image than you will probably have something people will like and relate to .

Since i did this study i have not yet gone back and tried more plane concepts  but i do know i put a few more things   in my brain Library  and this is a good thing.

Reaper Bot

I did this last night at sketch night .The penciling part anyway .I kinda figured it would end up being a throw away piece because we were drawing outside at the coffee shop in really bad light and it was all damp out and peoples paper was buckling. I think that assuming it was going to be crap let me be brave with the ink treatment on it and that in the end saved it .So there you go arting bravely forward is a good thing.