life drawing

Whilst traveling in Italy sketches # 1

the view from our Deck in Florence .We had a small court yard sort of thing that was totally enclosed that was sort of cool and shady .awesome for relaxing but not so awesome for drying clothes on our metal rack .Travel note :no one has Dryers in Italy! for reals. Only George Clooney and Laundromats and the rich .

random robot i think influenced by the Juan Gimenez book i picked up

Vigils First life Drawing Jam!

 Our studio along with some in company volunteers  put together a first ever life drawing session and it was a total blast! it was nice to get back into it because its a whole diffident art muscle set than drawing laser blasting pig monkeys . The only Life drawing i had attended prior was hour long posing sessions over 3 hours and this on the other hand  was several 5 min ,10 min poses and then a 20 min then finally a 30 min .Both have there merits but the latter givers you more opportunity  to try stuff out and grow. Thanks to everyone who put this together!!