ink wash

around the world wip color

trying to come up with a good way to color my work Photoshop .Im wanting to come up with a fun efficient work method that will let me work traditionally for most of  the time and then color and clean up in Photoshop.This will ultimately be the method i employ for my comic books in the near future.

I m not sure i love it .Any feed back would be radical beans!

Reaper Bot

I did this last night at sketch night .The penciling part anyway .I kinda figured it would end up being a throw away piece because we were drawing outside at the coffee shop in really bad light and it was all damp out and peoples paper was buckling. I think that assuming it was going to be crap let me be brave with the ink treatment on it and that in the end saved it .So there you go arting bravely forward is a good thing.