the life Cycle of a Crab ank

I drew a Crab tank the other day and Paul Richards added to the idea so i decided to sketch out what that might look like.
  1. small Pupa tanks are issued to young boys and girls when they join the fighting core at which point they begin to bond and learn together .
  2. Later they migrate to the young tank cycle where the teens then fill a scout and Currier roll as they finish out there schooling.
  3. This is the biggest first step into maturity both the for single occupant and  the  Growing Crab tank.
  4. As the Crab tank enters Full maturity it begins to take on unique attributes making each one diffident from the next .A custom Ceramic outer shell is crafted to fit the ever evolving Crab tanks body some times to fill a roll and sometimes just to enhance its natural strengths