Buffa Lo-Fi complete

   I had to get together a piece of art for an art show and what a great reason to pull up my socks light a fire under my ass and get this thing finished !

I finally got my studio set up in a way that i had good light and decent space to leave things where they need to be and with access to everything. I made a McGyver spot light as well to create decent mobile lighting so i could paint morning noon and night with out needing daylight. I will share the creation of that in another post .

   I  started this thing 2 years ago and then it collected dust for a very long time!I really didn't know how to tackle such a big piece of art (4'x3' ). It really gave me a headache just contemplating it but you know how you paint a big painting ? Big brushes! who knew? ha-ha!! the smallest brush i used was a 1/4 inch wedge brush 3/4 flat comb brush  but the biggest and most used brush was 2 inch house painting brush .what a massive learning experience and confidence builder for painting larger pieces .

I got a lot of great mentoring through this project from my pal Joe ! thanks Joe !!Special thanks to Maisy doodle for keeping my studio free of squirrels !

Buffa lo-fi wip1

Heres a wip of a painting im working on currently .I regret not getting earlier shots of it just because its changed so much since i started it and i think it will change alot more before its done .Im working monocromaticaly to start with and hope to start introducing color with glazes once i get more of the form and details finalized. I dont know how to do glazes so that should be interesting