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Artist spot light/ looking for work

there was a massive layoff at vigil last week and some very very talented people have been lost from the team :( Our loss could be your gain! If you are hiring or know studios hiring please contact them or me and we will try and get them placed painlessly into new homes. 3 people i saw come into the industry and grow like crazy with no sign of stopping.

Crystal Land

Avery Colman

Micheal fabay

Vigil art show this Friday !(Sept 23rd 2011)

One night only ! I will have 9 pieces up at the show for you to come down and check out . I will also be selling my inventory of drawings and small paintings out side the art show and if the printer comes through sketchbooks as well.

should be fun ! I've been really impressed by  all the different art work going into the show .It is almost easy  forget what can come from having a building full of artists .come down and support if you have the chance .

Some samples from my art heap.
If that's not enough our Infamous Tommy Spampinato  (Stomps)  will be playing with his band at club Deville after the show ! come get drunk and meet the artists.