I have loved ninja turtles since for ever and I haven't drawn any in a while so I was over due to make some TMNT fan art!My first ever black and white ninja turtle comic was issue 10 and it gave me a very new appreciation for what comics could be .I bought many issues after and  read those comics ragged .

Here is  the first thumb i did .looks like hes sort of coming out of a door which i ditched but the pose was working for me .

This is me drilling down to the final Composition .If i haven't said it already tracing stuff like this out on a light box has been a life saver!

i removed the teeth because he is a turtle but then he looked old! teeth it is :)

my final Line work .I didn't ink it just cleaned up the pencils in Photoshop. It could probably be cleaner but part of me likes the more organic bits .

First pass color rough in 

the making of our wedding cake topper

     I decided I had to make our wedding cake topper pretty early on but i hadn't sculpted anything  in like ..12 years maybe? Its been for ever anyway and i had to figure out how i was going to do this and do it in time .Here is some of that process

1-It was hard to know where to start so i just started with a stick man in Photoshop to establish proportions.
2-next thing i did was copy the stick man 6 times onto a 8.5"x11" sheet of paper and printed it out really light so i could draw and ink over top and do some thumb nails .I used the same figure for both of us even though she was going to be a mermaid and i was going to have a beaver tail.
3-i ended up liking a feature here or there and because they were all the same size when i scanned them in i could easily copy and paste what i liked all together.
4-Here is the cleaned up color version that i worked from .probably didn't have to go this detailed but it did help me work out a few things .I then printed this out to scale to build the wire armatures on top of .It was nice to be able to cut out the scale version and look at it and see if it was the right size for the cake .I guess between the point i painted this picture and the time i painted the topper i figured out i wanted a pink tie .
a quick note: I did a quick side shot of both figures for proportion in Photoshop (not shown)and in retrospect i should have spent more time on this step and figured more out on paper because it was a struggle to figure out in clay. 

5-I created wire armatures and then made segments in Sculpey (an oven bake modeling clay) and then bake them so they were firm and i could then bend and pose them.
6-here they are posed with their joints filled in and baked .this is where i realized there heads were giant and their necks were pencil thin and this was going to be a challenge .pretty much every time i baked it they cracked and i sanded it and filled it in until eventually it was strong enough to hold the heads .
7-this is a few detail bake passes in .we look scary!i think there was a bunch of sanding at this point .
8-were close but were not holding hands! the next few passes were a lot of fiddly bits involving cutting bits off and sanding .for the hands i think i cut all there hands off  and baked new slightly bigger ones separately including the set holding each other.After that i connected them back to the arms and sanded it .
9-primed and sanded and glued to a base !
in the sun !were ready for paint!
10-final paint job! i used acrylics for this which was pretty much a lot of craft paint and some artist paints .this went fairly smooth . Finished with many layer's of gloss coat for protection followed by a few layers of dull coat to cut down on the shine .

 our mermaid and beaver butts!

you look ready for Italy!

    We decide to wait until we got back home to post this up so it would be a surprise for everyone to see when we got there.They survived the trip there and back quite well which was a relief  because repairs would have been very interesting while traveling:)

Now they sit in our home as one of the many reminders of our amazing Day on our Amazing trip and the amazing love we share .

the art of Honey and Dan's wedding

I made a bunch of art over the course of us planning our wedding and i though i would post it up to show people .

This was the header for our blog.
this was the map i made for our blog which we didn't end up using .

an attempt at our save the dates
some save the date /invite ideas .I was Ham and Honey was cheese and just did a bunch of pieces of us out doing Italian things .If i had done more one of them would have been us flying off the road in a Ferrari.

your delicious !no you are!
mmm vino!

were so lost! this ended up being very true some days .

If this was us in real life we would have both had our own bowls of pasta and been sharing .Even the simplest pasta was so good there!!!


some raw sketchbook pages

so freeing to just to just let it flow !

     Some pages from my new sketch pad which is already in rough shape.it is glued at the top and as i flip the pages they crease and become unglued as i go so i started taping then I'm as i worked .about 5 pages in the top starts to get all weird so that's not working .Some one in our sketch group (Jordan) suggested using one of those metal clip thing's and I'm not sure if he meant it the way I'm using it now but its working .the cover is ripped off and held on by the clip as are the loose pages and when i work i just clip the cover to the back and go to it .Savage:)

 a ship i pulled out of my doodles that im in the process of painting up 

StarJack Star-fighter Process Wip

Heres the steps on the Starjack varients.

  • Do your initial Sketch 
  • Scan in the drawing and remember the settings for some later steps.That or just don't change them;)
  • Impose some rough Geo using a 3d program.This was just ment to be a guide for me seeing as im still struggling with perspective.the nice part is theres nothing "true" about the Geo placement i just rotated the shapes until they looked right. I wouldn't necessarily do this step every time.
  • Now print out your images.The important step was to print the image on the page and let it do it at its native resolution which should be 1:1 with the original .
  • Draw all the crazy stuff you want to add!!Weeeeee!!!
  • Scan the new drawings in using the original scanner settings .because the image is 1:1 you can copy paste the new detail drawings over your original in Photoshop.Line them up .
  • erase the crappy parts of the new Drawing revealing the original underneath.
  • Done!