Some childhood scribbles

 I got a pile of my old art back form my mom a few years ago and its been buried in a drawer for the last  while .I was going through my stuff and recovered these 2 gems and figured i would share .These are maybe me at 6 ?its hard to say .

the first one here was copied out of a book i had as a kid it was a page full of cave men ... persons? cave persons doing cave person stuff  like picking berries and Hunting. Apparently it was cool enough for me to want recreate in red .Note the amazing arm on the left cave man and the giant log like spear in the tiny hand of the other .Poor 2 legged deer:(

This one was copied from my Empire strikes back Story book .Luke fighting Vader on Bespin clearly .My favorite part of this picture is Luke's dumb and dumber hair and the arm shooting out of his chin.Pretty epic.Also the scribbles were clearly drawn after and i am curious what compelled me to do that . Maybe its the dark side?