Nerf Gun

Max Gun Paint WIP

My friends kid is having his 5th birthday next weekend and what better gift than a custom nerf gun? well a lot of  other things would be better but that's what hes getting form me any way :)

cliff notes :

  • black spray base cote 
  • mask off areas
  • brown spray coat
  • hairspray
  • color
  • remove mask 
(currently at this point)
  • light  wet sand paper until desired ware 
  • brown wash on color and wipe off 
  • sand color on black parts and wipe off
  • shoot someone 

Nerf mod/repaint- Recon CS-6 and Spectre Rev-5


painting materials: 

  • Krylon  fusion for plastics spray paint black
  • Krylon  fusion for plastics spray paint cappuccino
  • cheap Hair spray 
  • Ceramcoat  -Burnt Umber 2025
  • Ceramcoat -Trail Tan 2435
  • Testors matte spray paint of your choice for the main color .i used a matte sand fpt the guns and medium green for the clips.
  • sand paper
  • big cheap brushes
  • water cup 
  • big sheet of card board or some place safe to paint
  • old never to be used again towel 

some basic steps:

  1. buy Nerf guns
  2. buy some Plastic airsoft scopes or gun bits off the internet.
  3. apply black spray paint to everything .keep all parts and accessories apart. let dry 
  4. mask off areas of choice .
  5. Spray masked areas with cappuccino paint
  6. spray heavely with hairspray to easy paint removal.
  7. spray with your color of choice .Tan in my example .let dry 
  8. remove masking material
  9. wet sand paper and gentally scour the newly painted surface (the non black area) .it will fall apart and turn to pulp in your hand but it should add cool nicks and scratches .Its really easy to go over board here .wipe off extra grim after this is done .
  10. Apply a liberal coating of thinned down brown paint to the newly painted  and weathered areas .Let dry and then wipe of raised areas with a damp towel leaving the recesses brown and worn looking.
  11. Apply a liberal coating of thinned down tan paint to the black areas.Let dry and then wipe of raised areas with a damp towel.
  12. assemble.
  13. destroy your enemies.