Easy paint tool Sai


I saw this a month ago when Nick Southam had discovered it and was messing with it.I played with it briefly today and i LOVED it . It has a lot of what i love about painter and Photoshop all squooshed into one .I'm sure its got its issues but I'm impressed with the realistic media brushes which are a breath of fresh air from the stampy crisp tools of Photoshop .
If its capably wasn't enough it takes up very little space AND uses very little memory AND costs 64.00! The low footprint makes if function well on a laptop to add to the goodness. This makes a very powerful painting tool available to the art masses which is huge when you think of the price barrier of getting started and getting your hands on legit software .Much like my art bag I'm really big on cheap cost , mobility and accessibly.

I think we will be friends.

PS- please don't let the crappinesss of the attached picture dampen your interest in checking the software out :)